Whether film and photography is required for TV, website, social media conferences or training, we ensure that the content will educate, inform, entertain and inspire.

At Clevershot we offer the complete package from planning & storyboarding, shooting aerial & ground footage, audio and all the way through to editing and film creation ready for you to publish.

We also work with 3rd party film companies who may require aerial and ground filming as part of their project.

Our remotely controlled drones offer unique and affordable creative possibilities which up until recently were only achievable through large budget productions. We can move and shoot 500 metres in any direction and up to 400ft above the ground. 

We also have the latest ground film & photography technology; cameras, stabilisation gimbals and rigs to produce stunning results.

Story Boarding & Creative Direction

At Clevershot we pride ourselves on understanding your business and your target audience. We can support you to identify the BIG IDEA (theme) and pinpoint the messages that need to be portrayed to tell your story.

We do this by meeting with you and developing an agreed storyboard to work to.

The creative possibilities of elevated film and photography are endless and we can advise on the best shooting angles for the project.

Aerial Video & Photography

CONSTRUCTION: Market leader in aerial capture of large scale construction projects. For use in progress reports, planning, surveys, safety, and much more.

PROMOTIONAL: Creating stunning footage to support all forms of your media.

EVENTS: Capturing dynamic new perspectives of an event.

PROPERTY: Revealing the beautiful settings of real estate including business, distribution, residential, holiday properties and hotels from the air.

BUSINESS: Delivering a sense of operational scale and location to your business.

SURVEYS: Supporting planning and development of business infrastructure through 4K high-definition film. Multiple high-resolution photographs can be seamlessly stitched together to give incredibly detailed information about a site.

INSPECTIONS: Fast, safe inspections of plant equipment without the need to shutdown. If permissions are in place we can be on site, airborne and streaming live footage from the drone to the the client within hours of the request. Where applicable it is also possible to fly our drone inside, using vision positioning technology.

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