On this day - CLEVERSHOT on TV



On this day in 2018, we at CLEVERSHOT were proud to see our aerial and ground footage feature in BBC Two’s Flatpack Empire series. Footage from our two year project showing the planning and construction of IKEA Sheffield, was used in the behind the scenes documentary, about one of the world’s most successful and recognisable global brands.

Beginning in 2016, IKEA Sheffield was our first job for IKEA, who are one of our favourite clients. Since, we have completed jobs at stores in; Greenwich, Nottingham, Exeter and Dublin. Our brief was to support the client from day 1, through to completion; providing detailed aerial film & photography to support the construction planning process and provide internal and external PR material.

During this project we used preprogrammed flight paths to produce highly detailed imagery of the 50,000m² site. This image below is made up of 180 individual high resolution images.

Untitled photo

CLEVERSHOT also has unique techniques for producing aerial time-lapse, which we used for this project. Time-lapse photography shows progress and/or change over periods of time, in a series of high resolution photographs, blended together to create a film to show an illusion of time passing quickly.

Our aerial video and photography supports our clients' involvement in the Considerate Constructors Scheme to deliver best-practice. Our photographic and video work helps companies score highly; engaging the public and generating positive community spirit as they are able to visualise a project.

IKEA Sheffield opened its doors in September 2017. CLEVERSHOT went on to cover the construction of IKEA Exeter, IKEA Nottingham, and IKEA Greenwich, alongside providing IKEA with our other services such as virtual tours, ground video and ground photography.

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