Christ Church - A CLEVERSHOT Community Project


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Social distancing restrictions in the UK have created increased demand for people wanting to visit locations on an interactive virtual platform. Our tours enable people to visit any space from the safety of their home.

As a place of communal worship, churches are reliant on gatherings of people, and henceforth are among those heavily hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. CLEVERSHOT recognise this and think it’s important to lend our time and resources where we can.

With a local connection to Christ Church, Harrogate, we gifted them our 3D virtual tour services. This allows their congregation to visit their stunning physical space on a virtual platform.

Here’s what members of the congregation had to say:

“It is absolutely stunning - many members of the congregation will be able to remind themselves of our wonderful building in the interim between lockdown and returning to full services.”

“Thank you so much - it is a great gift that you have shared with us.”

“Absolutely stunning and an incredibly valuable resource for the church today and into the future!”

Beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a ground breaking resource for social spaces, providing visitors with 24/7 access, detailed information, and the ability to experience the space. 

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