CLEVERSHOT in Canary Wharf


At the end of 2019, Red Engine brought us their newest breath-taking venue, in the form of Electric Shuffle; a social experience you’ll never forget. This was another exciting venue photography project for Team CLEVERSHOT, where we create stunning photographic representations of spectacular venues.

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Ellis Design Studio were commissioned by Red Engine to deliver a beautifully designed, conceptual space within the 9,000 square foot, two storey venue. As part of the brief, the game of shuffleboard has been redesigned and ‘electrified’. Ellis Design Studio drew inspiration from the pioneers of electrical technology, in particular the work of Nikola Tesla – an inventor, electrical engineer and futurist whose designs revolutionised the use of electricity.

Red Engine venues are always a pleasure for CLEVERSHOT to photograph, having now done Electric Shuffle in addition to all UK Flight Club Social Dart venues. They collaborate with the best suppliers to build venues that positively disrupt the hospitality industry; creating and delivering unique experiences throughout all their venues.

Ellis Design Studio are the creative minds behind several venues we’ve covered. Their desire to create beautifully detailed and perfectly formed interiors, sets the perfect scene to be captured through our lens.

Our team that photographed Electric Shuffle had this to say:

"As soon as we entered, we were met with the most engaging decor and couldn’t wait to begin our photography. Although we have worked with Red Engine since the very first Flight Club in Shoreditch, London, we are always massively impressed by the intricate and bespoke detail that goes into every part of every individual venue.

The main bar of Electric Shuffle is so dramatic, it has a double height power plant-inspired design, with opulence, grandeur and elegance that wouldn’t look out of place in a scene in The Great Gatsby film."

CLEVERSHOT highly recommend a visit to one of these incredible venues. Visit a website below.

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