CLEVERSHOT Street Display


16 March 2020 (14 of 18)

Leeds is currently the largest growing city in the country and this becomes clear when you see the large amount building projects and expansion. Many of the construction projects currently under way are incredibly ambitious and generating national attention.

CLEVERSHOT are proud to see themselves working on one of the most ambitious construction projects of them all; Altus House.

Altus House is an exciting student residence development located near to the Leeds Arena, on a very tight site that makes every element of the project a challenge. At 37 floors, the finished building will be the tallest building in Leeds, and the tallest student accommodation development in the North East of England.

CLEVERSHOT regularly visit the site capturing aerial photography and videography for RG Group; the construction specialists behind the impressive build. Breaking Ground in May 2018, Altus house is still under construction today, with CLEVERSHOT providing stunning media throughout. Our footage is used in progress reports, planning, surveys, safety, sales & marketing and public communications.

Our aerial photography and video supports RG Group’s involvement in the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This helps them to deliver best-practice and score highly by engaging the public and generating positive community spirit through visualisation of the project.

Through on-site digital signage, CLEVERSHOT provide the public with a whole new perspective on the evolving landscape they walk past everyday. Keeping them informed on progress, procedures, and even presenting CLEVERSHOT’s CGI virtual reality walkthrough of the forthcoming internal space.

Our media can currently be seen at the Altus House construction site on Merrion Way, Leeds.

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